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Sping Football!!
Chaska Football Families,

First, we are excited to have the opportunity at a football season this year! With the news of Football moving to an early spring season we wanted to get some information out to families. There is still much to be decided and a lot of questions that we do not yet know the answers to. We will continue to get you information as we get answers.  Thank you for your patience and support!


What we do know:

  • The new football season will be around March 15th – May 15th.  This will be in-between winter sports and spring sports.
  • We may get to have some football practices this fall.  As we hear from the MSHSL about what those practices can look like and how many we can have we will let you know.  Don’t expect those to be until after the start of school.
  • Registration will not open for football until we get closer to the season. 
  • We are hoping to have some type of speed and strength training for our guys this fall.  What that looks like will depend on what our return to school looks like and what we hear from the district for guidance.
  • We still anticipate having our players sell Hawk Cards. The Hawk Cards are a significant fundraiser for our program. Since last season’s cards expired on July 31st, we know the community will be looking for the new version of these valuable discount cards. As soon as we have more details on how we’ll roll out the cards to the players, we will be in touch.


To our players: Keep your heads up and respond to the opportunity that has been given to us!  We have been given 7 more months to improve ourselves before the season!  We know there will be challenges and things will be different, but we will find solutions and ways to get better….That is what champions do! We will be ready to get after it on the football field come March!

by posted 08/06/2020
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