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The HAWK Card is a discount card for local businesses. These cards are a key fundraising tool for the Touchdown Club. Funds raised through the sale of the HAWK Cards help to provide football equipment for the players and the field, uniforms, coach clinics and staffing, pre-game meals and much more. The funds we raise benefit every player and the program as a whole.  HAWK Cards sell for $20 each.
It's an exciting time as we start selling our in-demand Hawk Cards, but please note... please do not post pictures of the Hawk Card online. To take advantage of this card, folks need to purchase one and have it in hand as they go into participating locations. Feel free to post the message that you have Cards available for purchase, but a photo of the card and offers should not be posted. Thanks for helping to maintain the integrity of the Hawk Card program.

How it works:

  • On Tuesday, July 23rd, each player will be issued 20 cards to sell. The selling period is from July 23rd to September 10th. During that period, we will have three money collection days wherein the players can turn-in any money they have collected.
  • Each HAWK Card is numbered and every player is responsible for any unsold cards and money collected until the turn in dates.
  • Players, as soon as you receive your cards, you can start selling them to friends, neighbors and family.
  • We will have several collection dates to collect and track sold cards.  Please hold onto the money collected until the next turn in date.  We will not be accepting HAWK Card money outside of the collection dates.
  • Our first collection date will on our "Blitz Night," August 15th. On that day, practice times will be adjusted. When practice ends, players will divided into 10 different groups and will go out into the community together to sell their cards. Afterward, the players will come back to CHS and will enjoy a potluck dinner together (more info to follow). When they return to CHS, we will be collecting any money they've raised up until that point. There will be a fun reward for the team that has sold the most total cards from July 23rd through August 15th!

Other Incentives:

  • Once a player has sold and turned in the money for his allotted 20 HAWK cards, he will receive a $10 Qdoba gift card!
  • Our 2nd collection date will be Tuesday, August 27th. A $20 cash prize will be awarded to 5 players chosen randomly from all players who turn in money on this collection date.
  • Our Final collection date will be Tuesday, September 10th. Following this last collection date, we will tally up total cards sold per player. The player selling the most cards will win $100! 2nd place will win $75 and 3rd place $50!

Final Notes:

  • Please encourage your player to sell all 20 of their cards, and more if they can! The earlier they start selling, the easier it is! There is usually great demand for the HAWK cards in the community! (Any unsold cards must be turned in on the final collection day.)
  • If a player sells all of their cards and needs more, they can contact Sarah Kemp (sarah.kemp183@gmail.com) and she will coordinate getting you more cards.
Thanks in advance for supporting your player and encouraging them to do their best to sell all of their cards!