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Volunteering Opportunities for Parents

Snacks for 2-a-Day Practices - During the first 2 weeks of August players have 2 practices each day from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  For those practices, the TD Club need volunteers to serve snacks to the players.  We need many volunteers to sign up to bring snacks to serve and 2 volunteers each day to set up, serve, and clean up afterwards.

Questions?  Contact Holly Loosbrock @ looshike@comcast.net

Click here to volunteer:  2-A-Day Snacks

River City Days Booth - During River City Days, TD Club has a booth to collect donations and promote the Chaska Hawks Football Program and TD Club.  We need volunteers to work at the booth every day of the River City Days festival.

Questions?  Contact Leslie Kegel @ lkegel@icloud.com

Click here to volunteer:  River City Days Booth

Hanging and removing TD Club Sponsor Banners - Before every home game, sponsor banners are hung along the fence outside the football field.  Volunteers need to arrive at the field around 5:00 and hang the banners along the fence outside the field.  After the game, volunteers need to take the banners down and bring them to storage.  We need 4 or more volunteers each game to hang up and take down the signs.

Questions?  Contact Pete Slama @ pdslama@hotmail.com

Click here to volunteer:  Hanging/Removing Sponsor Banners

TD Club Table at Home Games - At every home game, we need 2 Freshman parent volunteers to sit at the Hawks TD Club table before and during the first half of every home game.  Volunteers are expected to collect donations for the TD Club and be available for questions.  We rely on freshman parents to volunteer for this job since their players aren't on the field during the varsity game.

Questions?  Contact Loraine Slama @ lslama@frsonline.com

Click here to volunteer:  TD Club Table

Photographers - We need photographers that are willing to be on the field sidelines during games for all teams, Varsity, JV, Sophomore, and Freshman games.  Volunteers take pictures throughout the game then post them into albums on the website after every game.  We need 1-2 photographers per team per game throughout the season.

Questions?  Contact Adria Kujak @ snapdragonphoto@hotmail.com or Andrea Dodds @ doddshouse5@gmail.com

Click here to volunteer:  Varsity Games       JV Games       Sophomore Games       Freshman Games

Homecoming Float - We need 4-5 volunteers to help set up and decorate the float before the parade and to un-decorate the float afterwards.  We also need 2 volunteers to ride the bus from the HS to downtown Chaska for the parade and back again afterwards.

Questions?  Contact Loraine Slama @ lslama@frsonline.com

Click here to volunteer:  Homecoming Float

Season End Football Banquet - We need volunteers to help plan, decorate, and setup for the end of season banquet.

Questions?  Contact 

Click here to volunteer:  Season End Football Banquet  (sign up not available yet)