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Information for 2020 Season

Helpful Documents

We had a great Football meeting with parents and players in May.  If you missed the meeting or need a refresher here is information you will need as we get started with the 2020-21 football season. 

Event Calendar and Team Calendar - Get to know these areas of our website, they will have lots of important information before and during the season.  

  • To find the Event Calendar, hover over Home on the upper left hand corner of the site, the Event Calendar is listed under that menu.  
  • To find your teams information, hover over Teams then over Choose a Team then select your team. The home page for your team will have all relevant announcements that are important to each specific team. Announcements are not just listed on the main website page, so be sure to pay attention to your team page too. Once there, you can also see a lot of other team information.,  Select the Roster to view player names (and eventually player pictures), the Schedule to see games for that team, and the Results, to see game results.

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